How To Prevent Passing On Dentophobia To Your Kids

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Dentophobia is a condition that causes people to fear going to the dentist. Approximately 5% to 8% of American adults never go to the dentist because of their fears, and around 20% of people go only when they absolutely have to. If you fear going to the dentist, you probably have dentophobia, and you could easily pass this on to your kids if you are not careful. Understanding the major reasons people experience dentophobia can help you avoid passing this condition on to your children. Here are three top reasons people fear dentists and dental work.

Pain And Discomfort

Very few people find dental work enjoyable and fun. In fact, pain is one of the top reasons people avoid going. Getting your teeth cleaned might not be extremely painful, but it can be uncomfortable. Getting a cavity filled or any other type of dental procedure can be somewhat painful though.

If your kids overhear you talking about how painful going to the dentist can be, they may instantly seize up with fear. They will not want to go to a place that will inflict pain on them, and they certainly will not want to get shots.

To prevent passing on dentophobia to your kids, you will need to avoid talking about the pain you have felt during dental visits. You must keep the subject positive by saying good things about the dentist, even if you do not necessarily feel that way.

Bad Experiences

Many people also have dentophobia because of bad experiences they have had in the past, and there are a variety of ways this can happen. Here are some examples:

  • Problem during procedure – While most dental procedures turn out fine, there may be times when something goes wrong during one. For example, a dentist may inadvertently hit a nerve when injecting the numbing anesthesia. This can be painful and can be considered a bad experience.
  • Problems after a procedure – If a person develops an infection, dry socket, or any other type of problem after having a procedure completed, it could turn into a bad experience for the person.
  • Sounds during procedures – Bad experiences can also stem simply from the sounds heard during dental work, including the sounds of the dental drill. This particular sound can cause instant fear, panic, and anxiety for many people.

The best way to help your kids avoid dentophobia is to ensure that they do not have bad experiences while at the dentist. You can do this by avoiding telling stories of your bad experiences, and by choosing a dentist that is experienced, reputable, and good at what he or she does.

Embarrassment About Mouth

Finally, many people fear the dentist because of embarrassment. They are often embarrassed by the way their teeth look or by the problems they have with their teeth, and they may have received lectures from dentists in the past. No one wants to go to the dentist and get lectured about these things, yet it can happen.

To prevent your kids from going through this, you can insist on good oral habits. As a parent, you will need to make sure your kids are cleaning their teeth properly and thoroughly. You may also want to limit the sweets they eat so they can prevent cavities and other dental problems. With good oral habits, your kids might be able to prevent the embarrassment you have felt about your teeth over the years.

If you want your children to grow up without the fear of going to the dentist, it's up to you to start this out right. You must stay positive about it, and you should work hard to help your kids develop great oral habits from the time they are young. If you would like to learn more about dental work and overcoming dentophobia, contact a dentist today or click here for more information.


20 August 2015