3 Reasons To Choose A Dental Implant

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A missing tooth can seriously compromise the overall aesthetic of your smile. While there are a few different options available to you when it comes to replacing a missing tooth, making the choice to invest in a dental implant can be wise.

Here are three reasons why replacing your missing tooth with a dental implant might be your best option.

1. Dental implants help preserve bone density.

The bone that anchors your teeth needs to be stimulated regularly in order to remain healthy. When you are missing a tooth, the bone underneath the tooth suffers because there is no pressure being placed on it from the tooth above.

When installing a dental implant, your dentist will drill into the bone to create an anchor point for the implant. Once the implant is finished, the bone surrounding it will continue to receive proper stimulation. Other methods of replacing a missing tooth do not incorporate the bone, which can lead to the deterioration of your bone over time.

2. Dental implants stand alone.

Because a dental implant is secured in place by anchoring it to the underlying bone, dental implants do not rely on neighboring teeth for stability. Other methods that might be used to replace a missing tooth (like a dental bridge) require the missing tooth to be anchored to neighboring teeth.

This method of stabilization can result in the premature damage to your natural teeth and cause you to need more extensive dental care in the future. Protect your teeth by opting for a dental tooth implant instead.

3. Dental implants are easy to care for.

Continuing to care for your teeth on a daily basis can be challenging after you replace a missing tooth. Some of the methods that are used to replace a missing tooth can result in the need for special toothbrushes, flossing techniques, and other changes in your daily oral hygiene routine.

Since a dental implant is designed to mimic the form and function of a natural tooth, you can continue caring for the implant in the same ways that you would care for your natural teeth. This makes dental implants simple to maintain over time.

Once you are able to recognize some of the benefits associated with dental implants, it becomes easy to see why you should talk to your dentist about using a dental implant to replace any missing teeth in your smile in the future.


27 November 2017