Items To Put In Your Dental First Aid Kit

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A lost filling, a cracked tooth, or a toothache that won't go away is never any fun. It is especially troublesome if you can't get to a dentist right away. Although most people put together standard first aid kits for their home, dental first aid is often overlooked. Fortunately, you can remedy this situation so you are ready if a dental emergency strikes.

Dental wax

Think of dental wax as the bandage in your dental first aid kit. This wax serves multiple purposes. You can use it to smooth over a rough spot on an orthodontic device until you can have it repaired or the fit adjusted. It works well for covering a tooth when you lose a crown or if a filling falls out -- just make sure the tooth is clean so you don't trap bacteria inside. You can even use it to cover a cracked tooth so the nerve is no longer exposed -- which will prevent pain and possible infection. To use dental wax, you simply roll a small amount between your fingers to soften it, then smooth it over the problem spot. It will require periodic reapplication, but it will hold you over until you can get to a dentist.

Filling repair

If anyone in your home has fillings or crowns, then an emergency filling repair kit, sometimes called dental cement, is a must for your first aid kit. These kits contain a temporary cement or glue that can hold a lost filling or crown in place until you get to the dentist. This protects your tooth and helps ensure you don't lose the crown (which can often be re-affixed -- saving you money). You can't use just any glue, of course. Filling repair cement is save for oral use plus your dentist can easily dissolve it so it doesn't permanently damage your crown or tooth surface.

Teething gel

Teething gel isn't just for babies. It works wonders for relieving gum pain or toothaches until you can see your dentist. There are varieties specifically formulated for adult use, generally marketed as toothache gel. These may also contain mild topical antibiotics to help minimize the bacteria or infection that is often contributing to the tooth pain. Keep a tube in your first aid kit, along with some ibuprofen, to ensure you can fight off any pain until you get into the dentist.

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22 August 2018