Is Worry Taking Over? How To Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety About Their New Braces

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If the time has come for your child to begin their orthodontic treatment, they might be dealing with some anxiety and apprehension. If your child is trying to cope with apprehension and anxiety regarding their braces, there are steps you can take to help them through the process. Here are four of those steps to help your child prepare for their orthodontic treatment, so they can have the best experience possible with their braces.

Discuss the Procedure With Them

If your child is going to receive orthodontic treatment using metal braces, they may be worried about the process, and the discomfort. The best thing you can do is discuss the procedure with them. One way to do that is through the use of videos. There are many videos available that will help your child understand the procedure. Using videos is also a great way to open things up for questions and discussion. Once your child understands the procedure, they may be less apprehensive about treatment. Be sure to emphasize how the braces will improve their teeth as well, to get them excited about the results of their orthodontic treatment.

Familiarize Them With the Essentials

If your child is about to begin orthodontic treatment, take the time to familiarize them with the essentials. Now's the perfect time to stock up on all of the gear your child will need, including braces wax, bands, and cleaning supplies. Spend some time letting your child practice with the supplies. That way, they know how to use everything before they have their braces in place. 

Schedule a Visit With Their Orthodontist

If your child has questions and concerns that you're not able to answer, and the lack of clarity has increased the apprehension, schedule a visit with the orthodontist. Have your child write down all of the questions and concerns that they have about their braces. Give your child the opportunity to lead the discussion with their orthodontist. This type of meeting can help alleviate any apprehension and anxiety your child might be experiencing. Plus, it gives your child the opportunity to form a trusting relationship with their orthodontist. 

Give Them Time to Prepare for the Procedure

Finally, if your child needs braces, give them some time to prepare, especially on the day of the procedure. Try to schedule a few extra minutes for the actual appointment. That way, your child can relax in the dental chair and prepare for the procedure.


29 December 2020