Dental Implants - Zirconium VS Porcelain

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Dental implants are a commonly used method for replacing lost or damaged teeth. They are separated into three primary categories known as the endosteal, subperiosteal, and transosteal implants. Despite the different methodology used for each type of implant, they all have one thing in common. The common factor is known as the crown component. This component can be made from several different types of material, but will often look like a natural tooth.

22 December 2014

4 Interesting Ways To Fund Your Dental Care

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With many dental insurance plans offering just $1000 max in care each year, it is easy to hit the limit without having all of the planned worked performed. If you do not even have a dental insurance plan, you must fund all of the work yourself. Either way, you may need to get creative to pay for the necessary work in full to restore your dental health. Unfortunately, when it comes to dental work, ignoring the problem does not usually make it go away.

16 December 2014

Missing A Tooth? Three Reasons Why A Replacement Is A Must

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Young children look so adorable when they lose a tooth, don't they? But when it happens to you as an adult, it's no laughing matter. Most people are quick to replace the front teeth for esthetic reasons. Whether you have limited funds or you just don't want to deal with the situation, missing teeth that are out of sight are much more likely to get neglected. If you've recently lost a tooth and are under the impression you can just leave it be, you should reconsider.

15 December 2014

What Does That Mean? Words Your Dentist Uses When Speaking About Your Teeth

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You have probably been to the dentist multiple times in your life and, more than once, you have probably overhead the dentist talking to the dental hygienist about your teeth. You may not completely understand what they are discussing. These short list will give you insight into certain words the dentist uses, and might help you understand your dentist a bit better. Enamel - This the hardest part of your tooth, and it is very difficult to crack.

10 December 2014

Unhappy With Your Smile? A Prosthodontist Can Offer Comprehensive Options

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The American Dental Association accredits nine different specialties. One of these is prosthodontics. In addition to attending regular dental school, prosthodontic specialists, or prosthodontists as they are often called, complete a 3-year graduate program in which they learn the specifics of restoring and replacing teeth. Unlike general dentists, who typically focus on everyday dental issues such as filling cavities and performing root canals, prosthodontists perform advanced cosmetic procedures such placing veneers on stained teeth, designing dental bridges and placing ceramic caps over damaged or unsightly teeth.

9 December 2014