4 Interesting Ways To Fund Your Dental Care

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With many dental insurance plans offering just $1000 max in care each year, it is easy to hit the limit without having all of the planned worked performed. If you do not even have a dental insurance plan, you must fund all of the work yourself. Either way, you may need to get creative to pay for the necessary work in full to restore your dental health. Unfortunately, when it comes to dental work, ignoring the problem does not usually make it go away. For example, a cracked tooth can easily lead to a painful abscess and infection deep in the jawbone. Therefore, when a dental problem arises, you must act fast to fix it. To prevent complications, utilize the ideas below to fund your dental care the moment you need it.

1. Cryptocurrency

Dentists are starting to expand their accepted forms of payment to include cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin and dogecoin. This type of currency comes from a highly controlled digital process that protects its value. You can actually mine this currency using sophisticated computer equipment, though that does take a bit of time.

The currency also grows in value over the years as people buy, sell and mine it. If you already bought into this currency type by securing some coins in your digital wallet, the amount may have grown in value over the years. You can apply that amount to your dental bills to pay off procedures that would otherwise cut into your monthly living expenses.  

2. Crowdfunding

If you do not have the funds for payment to your dentist, you can ask your friends, family and community to help pay for your care by setting up a crowdfunding account. Several websites let you set up a fund and plead your case. You can share your created crowdfunding page across social media to gain attention for your cause.

People can donate a set amount toward your dental care to help you reach your goal. Once you meet the listed amount, you can cash out and make that much needed dental appointment. Remember to offer your donators something of value in exchange, such as a personalized video or handwritten note offering your appreciation.

3. Service Trade

Dentists are also accepting offers to trade services, like home, auto or computer repairs, for dental work. You must be able to provide a service to the dental office or dentist himself that equals the value of the work you need performed. If you do not have a trade skill, consider thinking creatively and offer artistic works, like photographs, paintings or sculptures, to dress up the clinic. You may need to offer a partial payment to go with the service in question. Give your dentist a list of possible trades to have the best chance at making a deal.

4. Payments

If all else fails, ask if your dentist at a site like http://www.couchmandental.com would consider monthly payments. Dentists can set you up with a revolving account that maxes out at a specific amount. You can have the work performed in advance by making a down payment on this account. After that, make timely payments to resolve your balance and keep the account open for future work. Make sure to provide payment on or before the scheduled date to maintain a good financial relationship with that clinic.

Negotiate A Rate

You may need to combine fund collection methods to reach your final goal amount. After exhausting the above resources, calculate the total amount you have to spend on your dental care to set a budget. Before you schedule the appointment for the necessary dental work, see if your dentist will offer a discount on services in exchange for a cash payment. Many dentists will work within your budget to help restore your teeth without further delay. 


16 December 2014