How to Reduce the Pain and Soreness of Invisalign Aligners

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Invisalign or clear aligner dental straightening is often touted as the least invasive and the most comfortable form of orthodontia you can choose. This is one of the reasons why aligners are considered a great alternative to metal braces when adults want to straighten their teeth. While aligners are more comfortable, tooth movements still require pressure on the teeth and the breakdown and rebuilding of bone cells across the jaw. This process occurs fairly quickly and easily for young adults.

2 September 2016

3 Things You Can Send With Your Child To Encourage Good Oral Health

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If you are trying to protect your child's oral health, you may feel a bit powerless regarding your little one's dental health habits when he or she is not in your presence. Nevertheless, there are things that you can send with your child as the youngster leaves the house to help encourage good oral health. Here are a few of them: Sugarless Gum Most kids love gum and would chew it even if was not good for their oral health.

5 July 2016

Smile Design: Four Things You May Not Expect A Cosmetic Dentist To Consider

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Research shows that smiling can actually reduce stress levels. Indeed, in one study, participants who smiled during a stressful task had a lower heart rate during the recovery period, and the people in the survey also said they felt better as a result of a beaming smile. That aside, some people choose not to smile because they simply don't want to show off their problem teeth, so it's important to understand how a cosmetic dentist can help you undergo a smile transformation that will give you your confidence again.

27 April 2016

3 Home Remedies to Treat Your Pain and Prevent an Abscess after a Root Canal

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If you have recently had a root canal performed you may wonder if there is anything you can do along with your prescribed treatment to relieve the pain and help prevent an abscess, or tooth infection. If so, use one or more of the following natural home remedies using ingredients found in supermarkets and pharmacies. Use a Cotton Ball Saturated with Olive Oil  This first simple home remedy involves applying olive oil to your tooth using a cotton ball.

19 April 2016

Popular Osteoporosis Medication May Complicate Dental Implant Process

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Osteoporosis is a bone disease characterized by the degeneration of bone mass and density that affects as many as 75 million people in America, Europe, and Japan. Medication is commonly used to treat the disease and prevent further bone loss. Although it would seem like these medications may help dental implants integrate into the jaw bone better, some can actually cause a serious complication called jaw osteonecrosis to develop. Here's more information about this problem and what you can do to avoid it when getting dental implants.

19 April 2016

How To Handle Dental Work When You Have Overly Sensitive Teeth

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Some people have no problem with going to the dentist for teeth cleaning, but others do, and this can often be due to the sensitivity they have with their teeth. If your teeth and gums are overly sensitive, you might fear going in for your next cleaning; however, skipping this important service is not good for your oral health. If you want to experience less pain during teeth cleaning, you may want to take a few steps to reduce the sensitivity you experience with your teeth.

19 April 2016

2 Tasty Berry Recipes To Help You Maintain A Vibrant Smile

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Scheduling regular visits to the dentist for deep cleanings as well as whitening treatments is the most effective method of maintaining a healthy vibrant smile you can be proud of. However, indulgences such as coffee and tea can dull and stain your teeth between dental visits, so it's a good idea to implement your own teeth whitening habits at home. Flossing and using a commercial whitening product can help – you can also make use of foods like strawberries to brighten your smile between professional whitening treatments.

29 March 2016

What You Should Know About Visible White Spots On Your Teeth

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If your teeth have visible white spots despite your brushing and flossing efforts, you need to consult your dentist to determine the source. There are many potential causes of these white spots, and understanding those things can help you to more effectively address them as well as any underlying cause that may need attention. Tartar Plaque that's not removed by timely brushing can harden and form tartar. The tartar deposits on your teeth often look like white spots.

7 March 2016

Can't Stop Smoking? What Are Your Best Orthodontic Options?

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If you've always wanted to correct the alignment and appearance of your teeth, you may be investigating various types of braces and retainers designed for use on adult teeth. However, for those who are regular smokers, some types of braces can cause tooth staining and other issues. Are there any orthodontic options available for you if you're unable (or unwilling) to give up your smoking habit? Read on to learn more about the braces you should seek (and avoid) as a smoker.

15 January 2016