4 Dental Facts That May Inspire Kids To Amp Up Oral Care

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Although dentists encourage kids to brush for two minutes twice a day, many youngsters continue to skip this task in favor of filling that time slot with fun activities. Unfortunately, an absence of a strong oral care routine leaves kids at risk of developing cavities, which could lead to an infection in the root or total loss of that tooth. Thankfully, you can help your kids remember to provide their teeth with regular care by discussing dental facts on a daily basis. Here are four interesting facts to get you started.

1. Bacterial Waste Products Cause The Decay

Although common belief is that bacteria eats into the tooth and causes the cavities, it is actually the resulting waste products doing all the damage. Letting your kids know that the bacteria leave acid waste products (read: poop) on their teeth is a definite way to motivate them to brush more often.

After all, the idea of microscopic critters wreaking havoc on the teeth is a fairly abstract concept for kids understand. The thought of bodily waste touching their teeth, however, tends to bring the point home. You can further assist your child in understanding the effect of acid on bony material by placing a chicken egg in vinegar for several days.  

2. Cavities Tunnel Through Adjacent Teeth

Acidic compounds released by bacteria work their way through one tooth and jump to the next without a hint of effort. Teeth that touch together at any point are at risk of developing a cavity that goes through the mating surfaces. Repairing cavities in between the teeth takes a considerable amount of effort and time. Furthermore, the tooth structure is somewhat compromised from having to access the cavities on each side through the top surface.

Remind your kids that flossing disrupts the development of bacterial colonies while actively removing their acidic compounds. Show your kids how to make full contact while moving the floss over the entire edge of the tooth.

3. Regular Plaque Removal Drastically Reduces Stains

No one wants to walk around with yellow or brown stains all over their teeth. Unfortunately, improperly brushing and flossing the teeth allows plaque to accumulate and start to stain the teeth. To scrape the plaque away, kids must care for their teeth at least twice a day. Three times is even better.

Furthermore, it is important to teach your kids to lightly scrub both the gums and tooth surface in a circular motion to break up the plaque particles and wash them away. You can use a pre-rinse product to show your kids where they are missing spots if plaque accumulation continues to be a problem.

4. Nearly All Dental Problems Are Preventable

The belief that dental health only depends on genetics can make kids feel discouraged about maintaining their oral care routine at home. Furthermore, it is important to value brushing and flossing above skipping sugary treats, as most kids value instant rewards over long-term returns for good behavior.

Since delayed gratification can be difficult for kids to honor, make sure to regularly review the impact their efforts have on oral health at each six-month dental cleaning appointment at a place like Dentistry For Children & Adolescents. Each time kids walk out of the clinic without a cavity remind them that their hard work paid off in dividends. If your child needs a cavity filled, do not dwell on past mistakes. Instead, help your kid review and restart their at-home oral care routine.  

Establishing An Appropriate Oral Care Routine

Even with regular dental care discussions, you may still find yourself reminding your kids to brush more than you like. You can further encourage compliance with the routine by using a sticker chart or other positive reward system. Once your kids stay with the routine for six or more months, it will be firmly ingrained in their morning and evening schedule. 


25 March 2015