Frequent Canker Sores? Learn About The Medical Condition You May Have & How Your Dentist Can Help

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Canker sores pack a painful punch for being such small oral lesions, although many people only get them occasionally and suffer for just a few days. However, if you suffer from frequent canker sores, then you may not realize that you may suffer from a medical condition called recurrent apthous stomatitis. Don't fear that this is bad news, because the good news is that there are many treatment options for recurrent apthous stomatitis that can help prevent future canker sores or at least reduce their occurrence. 

Read on to learn one way you can help prevent future canker sores along with treatment options you can seek from your dentist. 

Food Allergies Can Cause Recurrent Apthous Stomatitis

While this oral health condition is not always caused by food allergies, it can be. Blood tests performed on people suffering from recurrent apthous stomatitis often reveal abnormal counts of specific T-lymphocytes, which is a sign that their bodies are actively trying to combat an allergen. 

If you have never been diagnosed with a food allergy, then trying a simple elimination diet can be an easy way to determine if there is a food you are eating that is causing your frequent canker sores. You can start with a basic, bland diet and then slowly add foods back in that you love while watching for those that trigger new canker sores or you can try eliminating foods from your diet one-by-one until you stop getting canker sores. 

However, remember that not all cases of recurrent apthous stomatitis are caused by food allergies, so don't give up hope if an elimination diet doesn't work and instead speak to your dentist about other treatment options. 

How Dentists Help Recurrent Apthous Stomatitis Sufferers

Once you report that you suffer from frequent canker sores, he or she can help you get rid of them by having you try various medications. They may first prescribe antimicrobial mouthwash and/or a topical cortisteroid. The mouthwash may prevent future canker sores while the topical corticosteroid can help relieve the pain of your current canker sores and speed their healing time. 

If that plan isn't effective or your dentist decides that your problem is so severe that you need more intensive treatment from the start, then your dentist may prescribe a medication for you to take daily called Levamisole. which is an immunomodulator medication that can help prevent canker sores and reduce the pain of current ones. Another treatment option is an oral corticosteroid, which can also help prevent future cold sores and stimulate your body to heal the ones you have more quickly. 

If you get canker sores very frequently, then realize that you don't have to live with them for the rest of your life. Try an elimination diet to find out if a food allergy is causing them and seek treatment from your dentist


25 April 2017