2 Tips To Prevent Jaw Fatigue When Scuba Diving With Dentures

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Dentures are extremely strong and long lasting. Therefore, they can often be used to accomplish most activities including scuba diving. The fear that comes with wearing dentures to scuba dive is that the dentures will loosen and become dislodged during the dive. However, as long as take the proper precautions this should not be an issue. In order to prevent dentures from falling out, manydiversr end up with jaw fatigue. This can result in an extended period of pain once the dive is complete and will only go away once your jaw relaxes. Therefore, it is in your best interest to avoid developing this. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use in order to prevent jaw fatigue the next time you scuba dive with dentures.

Ease Your Grip

Many denture wearers believe that the harder they clamp down the more secure that their dentures will be. However, all this end up doing is overstressing your jaw muscles. Your dentures will not fall out if you decide to ease your grip. Instead of clenching down on your dentures and regulator, simply hold onto the regulator like you would a piece of chocolate. Your jaw should not feel like it is working over time to keep the device and restoration in your mouth. If this happens, then you need to remind yourself to relax. A lighter grip typically comes with practice. The more familiar you become with the devices the easier it will be to feel at ease when you dive. Therefore, spend some time getting more acquainted with your mouthpiece and scuba gear.

Get the Best Fitting Mouthguard

In order to give yourself some security, you should consider looking for a mouthguard that fits the best. This can be done by trying on all of the mouthguards in the diving shop or you can consider purchasing a custom made mouthguard. A custom made mouthguard is designed to fit the exact shape of your mouth so there are no issues with it feeling too loose or too tight. When you wear a custom mouthguard it should feel lightweight and your dentures should feel as secure as possible. This will prevent you from overusing your jaw muscles when you are diving.

The fear that your dentures will loosen and fall out can make the dive unenjoyable. Therefore, use these tips to relax and keep your dentures secure on your next dive. For more information or assistance, contact a local dentist like Davis R Troup DDS PA.


27 April 2017