4 Natural Ways To Fight Back Against Receding Gums

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Receding gums are often a precursor to gum disease. If your dentist has told you that your gums are receding, there are natural steps you can take along with medical intervention to stop the development of periodontal disease.

#1 Floss Every Day

Flossing is a great way to get rid of the plague that builds up around and in between your teeth. When you floss, make sure that you are bringing the floss all the way down to the base of your gums, and wiggle the floss around back and forth. This will help you get the plague out around both of your teeth.

Also, try to purchase all-natural floss. All natural floss does not contain nonstick compounds that you would not normally choose to put into your body.

#2 Natural Mouthwash

Next, use mouthwash on a daily basis. Instead of using traditional mouthwash, invest in some natural mouthwash. Look for the oregano oil on the ingredient label of any natural mouthwash you purchase.

Oregano oil can really help your mouth fight back against receding gums and gum disease. Oregano oil is a natural oil that fights back against parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungus in your mouth. Oregano oil mouthwash can help your gums heal and fight back against any infection that tries to invade your mouth.

#3 Aloe Vera Based Products

Aloe vera is another natural product that is great for your teeth. Aloe vera can help reduce inflammation in your gums and can help improve the overall health of your teeth.

There are lots of ways you can incorporate aloe vera into your dental care routine. You can take a supplement or enjoy a drink. You can also purchase mouthwashes and toothpastes that contain aloe vera.  

#4 Vitamin C

To keep your gums healthy, you need to make sure that you have enough vitamin C in your diet. Vitamin C helps reduce inflammation in your gums, and it can stop your gums from bleeding as well. You can get vitamin C from a supplement, or from natural sources such as Brussel sprouts, kale, oranges and red peppers. Either way, you'll experience healthier gums when you are getting the right nutrients.

If you are experiencing receding gums, you can help restore your gum health through natural methods. Flossing every day, using mouthwash to kill off infections, using aloe vera based products and adding extra Vitamin C to your diet are four natural ways you can help restore your gum health while working with your dentist to keep an eye on your receding gums. 


9 October 2017