When You Can Expect To Visit Your Orthodontist

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Even if you have never had your teeth treated orthodontically, you may have known someone with braces who seemed to visit the orthodontist regularly. If you are now planning to have the alignment of your teeth corrected, you may be wondering why and when orthodontist visits are necessary.

Here are few times that you can expect to visit your orthodontist for your treatment with braces.

Application of the Appliance

Once braces have been prescribed for your teeth, you will need to visit the orthodontist for their application. If you are having traditional braces applied, they will consist of three basic components: an archwire, brackets, and elastic bands.

The orthodontic specialist will first ensure that your teeth are cleaned and dried. Next, they bond a bracket to the front of each tooth that needs to be repositioned by the braces. After the brackets are in place, the orthodontist connects the archwire to the brackets using elastic bands. 

The application process is basically painless. However, you may experience soreness after the braces are applied due to the alignment force of the appliance and the rubbing of the new braces against the soft tissues of your mouth.

Your mouth will adjust to the pressure placed by the braces on the teeth. Additionally, orthodontic wax can be used to reduce the friction and increase the comfort of your new braces. 

Archwire Adjustments

Throughout your treatment with braces, your archwire will need to be periodically adjusted. As the wire is tightened, additional aligning pressure is applied to help move the teeth into the desired positions.

During the adjustment, the orthodontist removes the elastic bands and the archwire. The archwire is adjusted and reconnected to the brackets with new elastic ligatures.

After an archwire adjustment, you can expect your mouth to feel sore for a few days. To alleviate your discomfort, the orthodontist may recommend an over-the-counter pain medication, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Damage to Your Braces

If you bite down on a hard substance or enjoy an overly chewy food, you may damage your braces. A broken bracket or damaged archwire can hamper the effectiveness of your treatment and injure your mouth.

If you damage your braces, the orthodontist will review the components of your appliance to determine the parts that require repair or adjustment. After your braces are fixed, your treatment plan can continue on schedule.

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26 June 2018