Why Visit a Pediatric Dentist Instead of Your Regular Dentist?

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Is it time for your child to start visiting the dentist? If so, you may be wondering if they should visit the dentist that you have been going to for years or seek out a pediatric dentist. While it may make sense to go to a dentist that you have a good history with, it is a better idea to seek out a local pediatric dentist instead for the following reasons.

Experience with Children

For as great as your current dentist is with working on adults like you, it's possible that they are not so great at working with children. Performing dental work on a small child is a special skill that takes a lot of patience and the right attitude. Even knowing what to say to a child to make them comfortable with having dental equipment used on them is a skill that you can't learn while going to school to be a dentist. If you are going to an office that claims to specialize in children, you know what they are going to go into each appointment with working with children in mind.

Child-Friendly Environment

There are many differences in the office environment for a pediatric dentist and a regular dentist, and it starts with the waiting room. You are going to have a totally different experience from the moment you step into the office. While a regular dentist may have a room that looks very boring to a child, with uncomfortable chairs and adult magazines, a pediatric dentist is going to have some activities for a child to do. These activities take their mind off how they are going to be going to the dentist, which may be a good thing.

The actual exam room that the dental work is done in can also be drastically different. A pediatric dentist may have things on the ceiling for the child to look at or a TV so your child can watch a show as a distraction. The dentist may also have glasses on hand to protect your child from the bright light above their head. If the child is getting X-rays taken, the dentist will have a special lead apron that is the right size for a child rather than use one designed for an adult.

All of these things combined can make a big difference when considering the overall experience of your child going to the dentist.


28 June 2019