Signs Your Younger Child Needs To See The Dentist

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Every child should see a dentist by the time they have hit one year old, whether they have teeth yet or not. A child can also see the dentist for the first time if they have gotten their first tooth within the last six months. A family dental clinic has the tools to meet your child's needs and can help younger kids be off to a great start in keeping their oral health in check.

While you may keep regular appointments for your children and have their teeth cleaned on the regular, there are other times your children may need to go to the dentist between their bi-annual appointments. Family dentistry services do most of the dental work your family needs, from cleaning gums to filling cavities. Here are signs your younger child needs to see the dentist, even if they are unable to tell you they have dental issues.

Your child spits blood when they brush

If your child is spitting blood when their teeth are brushed, then they may be using a toothbrush that is too rough on their tender gums. Their gums are what's bleeding, in some cases. They may also have irritated or sensitive gums due to bacteria buildup in their teeth, so make an appointment with the family dental clinic as soon as you can to have your child's gum bleeding issue checked out.

Children can get gingivitis just like adults can, and the sooner you have your child checked out, the sooner you can keep this oral health concern at bay. Your child's dentist will change your child's oral health routine as needed to get their gums back on track.

Your child is drooling or favoring a side of their mouth

If your younger child is too young to speak yet, you'll have to watch their body language for signs they have dental issues. Family dentistry clinics have their specialists examine your child with x-rays and an oral exam to diagnose and treat their dental issues. Watch for signs of your child drooling or only chewing on one side of their mouth, both of which can indicate oral distress.

When in doubt, schedule a dental appointment for your child at your family dental clinic for their oral health needs. Your family dentist will go over your concerns over the phone to determine how urgently your child needs to be seen and will make an appointment accordingly. If your child has dental issues and is running a fever, call for emergency assistance — you'll be referred to a specialist in family dentistry when your child is cleared.


11 May 2021