4 Viable Options For Dental Implant Restoration

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Loss of teeth can greatly impact a person's health because of the hindrance to eating as a person should. It also alters a person's facial features as lips and cheeks sink inwards. Fortunately, there are ways to restore dental structures. Dental implant restoration involves putting an implant in the jawbone, which supports a crown that looks like a natural tooth.  Dental implants are permanent and enable a person to eat the usual meals, including tough meats and nuts. There are several options for dental implant restoration.

Single Tooth Replacement

What happens when you lose a single tooth, for example, in an accident?  You can replace that single tooth with an implant that is almost unnoticeable. Dental implant restoration services have become very accurate in measuring the dimensions of teeth gaps; a single tooth implant will fit perfectly and feel natural when biting.

Dental Implant Bridge

A dental implant bridge is meant to fill a gap left by two or three missing teeth. It involves installing two or three implants to support a single bridge spanning the gap. The dental implant restoration services start by planting the implant and allowing the space to heal.  

They will then fix the bridge over the space with grooves and ridges to look like two or three separate teeth. This implant-supported bridge is ably supported to provide sufficient bite force to enable chewing on this space.

When the bridge spans more than eight teeth, it's called a fixed bridgework. It is also possible to restore a full jaw, also called a full arch. To restore an entire jaw, the orthodontist will do at least eight implants to provide ample support.


Dentures are preferable to people who want an easy solution because they are easy to use. However, they press directly on the jawbone and can be uncomfortable before one gets used to them. They also trigger jawbone mass loss because of resorption.

Overdentures are implants done to support dentures. These restoration measures have become more preferred over traditional dentures because of this advantage.

Temporary Bridgework  Implants

These are temporary, and micro-implants are meant to stand before permanent implants are in place. You can ask dental implant restoration services to install these implants if you are conscious of the missing teeth gaps as you heal and await permanent implants. They are useful for 1-2 weeks.

Are you looking for the best restoration methods for lost teeth? Then, book an appointment with dental implant restoration services to explore suitable restoration solutions.

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20 October 2021