The Top Benefits Of Wisdom Teeth Extraction For Your Teen

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What are the benefits of a wisdom teeth extraction procedure? The dentist recently recommended that your teen have this surgery, but you're not sure if it's necessary. Take a look at what parents need to know about wisdom teeth extraction surgery and the reasons to choose this common dental service right now.

Reduce Crowding

Will wisdom teeth push your teen's other teeth out of alignment or cause crowding? It's possible. Wisdom teeth can put extra pressure on the surrounding teeth—but don't always cause crowding. According to a 2014 literature review that looked at 21 studies, some researchers did find that wisdom teeth could cause crowding, while others didn't.

What do these studies mean for your teen? The results show it is possible for wisdom teeth to put pressure on or move other teeth. The extent of the crowding depends on a few different factors. These include, based on the research review's findings, tooth crown size, dental arch length loss, primary teeth loss, periodontal health, jaw growth, malocclusion, and the age and gender of the patient. 

If you have concerns about crowding, talk to your teen's dentist. The dental professional will examine your teen's mouth, review x-rays, and help you to understand how wisdom teeth could affect their other teeth. The need for a removal surgery based on overcrowding is a decision that will depend on the individual patient.

Decrease Discomfort

Does your teen have gum sensitivity or pressure/pain in the back of their mouth? Impacted wisdom teeth can cause a throbbing pain at the back of the mouth or swollen, tender gums. These molars can also put pressure on your teen's sinuses. This can result in persistent headaches and facial pain. A removal surgery eliminates the issue and will relieve your teen's mouth or facial discomfort.

Lower the Risk of Cavities

While the wisdom teeth won't cause cavities, these molars are hard to reach with dental floss and a regular toothbrush. This puts the teeth at higher risk for dental decay. If your teen can't easily reach their wisdom teeth to remove leftover debris or brush plaque away, they could end up with cavities.

The molars that border the wisdom teeth are also at a potential increased risk for cavity development. Like the wisdom teeth, your teen may not have the ability to floss properly in between the tightly packed molars. If your teen's wisdom teeth are difficult to clean or make it almost impossible to care for the next set of molars, talk to the dentist about a removal surgery.

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13 May 2022