Is It Time To Take Your Baby To The Pediatric Dental Office?

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If you have a baby and they are getting older, it may be time to take them to the pediatric dental office. This is an office that specifically works with patients who are under the age of 18, including babies.

As soon as your child starts to get their first tooth, and sometimes even before this, they should be going to the pediatric dentistry office to see how their oral health is coming along. Your baby may not be able to speak, but they can still go to the dentist to make sure their teeth and gums are healthy.

Is it time to take your baby to the pediatric dental office? Here are signs you should have this done. Make an appointment at your earliest convenience to have your child visit a pediatric dentist. Arrive early to their appointment if this is your first visit to the dentist so you can fill out paperwork.

Your baby's gums look swollen or discolored

A nice healthy pink is what you want to see in your young one, but if you notice that your baby's gums look bright red or even a purple color or have white splotches on them, then you may want to take them to a pediatric dentistry professional for care. Most likely, your baby is just trying to allow a tooth to come in, which can cause some discomfort in the gums. If your baby is having lots of difficulties, however, and you cannot tell if a tooth is trying to erupt, your baby may have some other issue that can be diagnosed and treated in the pediatric dental office.

Your baby's mouth is drooling and sensitive

Your baby may start to drool if they have a mouth sensitivity, which can be caused by a piece of food stuck in their mouth, a sore throat, infected or sore gums, or another issue. If you see spots in your baby's mouth or they have difficulties in breathing, take them to their local emergency room department to rule out anything life-threatening. You can have your baby referred to a pediatric dentistry specialist once they have been cleared of other issues.

Your baby is refusing food and is fussy

Is your baby super fussy and refusing food? They may have a sensitive mouth. Fussiness and crying can also be connected to teething and other dental issues. Your baby can benefit from an early checkup in the pediatric dental office, just in case. 


8 November 2022